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Our Mission:

Making Life Easier

All DRYFOX products are made in South Africa with imported fabric. Our highly functional products are of superior quality. Our lives have changed with compact, highly absorbent, quick dry towels. We want to share this to make your life easier too. We are also committed to social development in South Africa. We use skilled labour of marginalized communities to manufacture our DRYFOX products. From sourcing, manufacturing to enjoying the product: we are MAKING LIFE EASIER.

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Microfibre technology is perfect for a wide range of activities and applications. Our bespoke products are made up of 20% polyamide and 80% Polyester. Properties of Micorfibre technology include:


Quick Drying


Machine Washable


Soft To Touch








Very Durable


Ultra Absorbant



The only dry towel you'll EVER need!
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Inside The Product

  • Constructed from microscopic polyester and polyamide
  • 200,000 fibres per square inch
  • Uses capillary action to absorb 5 times more moisture than cotton towels
  • Holds 7 times its weight in water
  • Hypo-allergenic and chemical free
  • Cleaning action eliminates need for chemicals

How To Order

Step 1: Choose Your Size

The size:

  • Small: *(currently out of order)*
    • 30cm x 40cm
    • ideal for golf, bowls etc)

  • Medium:
    • 60cm x 120cm
    • ideal for travel, hiking, gym etc
    • R 195.00 ( excl postage)

  • Large:
    • 75cm x 150cm
    • ideal for beach, swimming etc
    • R 240.00 ( excl postage )

Step 2: Choose Colour

We have 5 basic colours to choose from:

  • navy
  • aqua blue
  • pink
  • royal blue
  • grey

Step 3: Choose Your Stictching

Choose your colour stitching from our selection:


  • X-large , Pink towel with yellow stitching
  • Medium ,Pink towel with orange stitching
  • Small, Pink towel with purple stitching.

Customize your own towel
(orders of 50+ towels)

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We can customize size, stitching and fabric colour. Personalize your product with your company or school logo. Various packaging options available.

Packaging examples:

  • rectangular mesh bag
  • round mesh bag
  • paper roll
  • elastic band around
  • small pouch

Our Story ...

DRYFOX started as an idea by two sisters with six children between them. Our daily life of large bags with heavy damp towels, driving children to activities, was a reality. We needed something more practical and compact. We realized the fabric with new MicroFibre technology is ideal to use for many sporting activities. This opened the door to a new business idea. Our dream however is not only to make our own lives easier, but also to create sustainable jobs for marginalized communities in South Africa. We imported the raw fabric and partnered with a unique registered Skills Development Project to manufacture our products. This empowers local people emotionally and economically, giving hope and a better future to many families. DRYFOX is not only a business , but also a mission for many to benefit from.

We are making life fun, we are making life easier.

Learn To Swim Campaign

In partnership with selected swimming academies DRYFOX have started sponsoring disadvantaged children to "learn to swim".

According to the World Health Organization, South Africa has the highest drowning mortality rate for children younger than five years in the world!

In buying a DRYFOX product, you are helping our campaign against toddler drownings in South Africa.

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